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24 incandescent bulb pack B22 15W Spherical Color + 4 free

24 incandescent bulb pack B22 15W Spherical Color + 4 free

(Code: AS1420)
Availability date: 15 Aug 2021

Pack de 24 ampoules incandescentes culot B22 15W de forme sphérique de couleur jaune, rouge, bleu et vert

  • Idéal pour l'éclairage décoratif dans les fêtes et guinguettes
  • Facile et rapide à installer sur une guirlande de type baïonnette
  • Durée de vie moyenne de 1.000 heures
  • Faible consommation d'énergie
  • Ce pack comprend 6 ampoules Rouge, 6 ampoules Verte, 6 ampoules Bleu et 6 ampoules Jaune B22

    Forme de la lampe Sphérique
    Dimmable Oui
    Classe Energétique E
    Watts (W) 15
    Durée de vie moyenne (h) 1.000
    Tension 240V
    Diamètre (mm) 45
    Longueur (mm) 70

    Les caractéristiques techniques des produits ne sont pas contractuelles.
    Elles peuvent varier selon la Marque et sont sujets à modifications de la part des fabricants.

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24 incandescent bulb pack socket B22 15W with a spherical shape of color yellow, Red, Blue and Green

  • bulb garland colorful bayonet guinguette. Ideal for decorative parties lighting, guinguettes, weddings, birthdays, christmas trees, roof, windows, entrance doors, pergolas, terraces, etc...
  • Easy and quick to install on a guinguette garland like bayonet B22
  • colored lamp with glass bulb and Average lifetime of 1.000 hours
  • bulb B22 Color 15 watts for a sublime color rendering and a low energy consumption
  • Fits perfectly the old outdoor garlands B22
  • bulb Color, bayonet bulb, bulb B22 Color
  • This pack includes 6 x Red bulbs, 6x Green bulbs, 6 x Blue bulbs and 6 x Yellow bulbs B22 rows in a suitable packaging for Zero Breaking !
  1. #Technical Specifications#
    Lamp shape Spherical
    Dimmable Yes
    Energy class E
    Watts (W) 15
    Average lifetime (h) 1.000
    Voltage 230V
    Diameter (mm) 45
    Height (mm) 70
    Bulb quantity 24
    Color Yellow, red, green, blue
    Material glass dome

    The technical characteristics of the products are not contractual.
    They may vary by brand and are subject to change by manufacturers.

  2. #Description#

    The Ultimate Color Pack for your parties and guinguettes!

    Ampoule-Service selected for you this pack of Incandescent bulbs B22 Color in 15W of the Ariane brand. This batch of B22 bulbs includes 6 bulbs B22 15W Color Red, 6 bulbs B22 15W Color Blue, 6 bulbs B22 15W Color Yellow and 6 bulbs B22 15W Color Green. Ideal for decorative use, these incandescent B22 lamps & nbsp; will fit perfectly a garland with bayonet for a festive lighting like guinguette, carnival, christmas, wedding, baptism, etc ... These littles spherical incandescent bulbs colored have an avarage lifetime of 1.000 hours and consist of a glass bulb.

    This pack is sent to you in a suitable packaging with individual compartments to avoid breakage.

  3. #Installation tips#

    Steps for installation of your bulbs B22 incandescentes colored Ariane

    1. Make sure you always work power off before starting the installation
    2. Take the bulb by the foot. You can also use a dry towel for handling. We recommend you to not hold the glass of the bulb with your fingers because you may weaken the glass.
    3. Insert the bulb into the appropriate socket and clip it
    4. If the previous bulb was a carbon filament bulb (incandescent), we recommend you to wait before changing it so that it cools down
    5. Turn on the power and check if your bulb lights on

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